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Many businesses are still stuck on old phone systems that are holding them back. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems do more than just handle incoming calls; they can simplify your outgoing phone calls and give you more control over your communications.

Choosing the right VoIP provider in Middletown, NJ, can make a huge difference in how you communicate with your clients and even within your own business. R-19 has helped hundreds of businesses expand their VoIP phone service, and we can do the same for you!

Business Phone in Middletown

Most people find the idea of moving over to VoIP phone systems intimidating, but the truth is that if you’re used to your existing business phone system, then making the move will feel natural and simple.

The best thing about working with a knowledgeable VoIP provider is that you can customize your plan to suit your business. Your VoIP system can be as simple as having a phone line, or you can take advantage of many valuable features, including call queues, call recording, click-to-call, and even multiple-location calling.

By switching to VoIP, you can take advantage of lower call rates, more innovative features, and better call quality than traditional phone lines. You can scale your features to grow with your business, and R-19 is always on hand to find the ideal solution for your needs. We offer SIP trunk integrations to connect multiple channels to your phone line for unlimited growth.

Voice Over IP and IP Phones for Middletown, NJ, Businesses

Whether you’re looking to change the way you handle incoming calls or want the functionality of a call center at your fingertips, working with R-19 in Middletown, NJ, is the way to go. VoIP is the future, and it can be the ideal solution to push your business to the next level.

Middletown, NJ

Middletown is a historic township in New Jersey, featuring some of the oldest districts in the area. The township has five districts, three of which date back to 1693. The town has a modest population of 66,000 residents, with a median household income of just under $100,000. This prosperous township is home to notable comedians and musicians, including Jon Bon Jovi and Vinnie Brand.

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