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Having a traditional telephone line can limit how well you operate your business and communicate with customers. Modern voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) services offer a wide range of features that can provide you with the tools you need to grow your business.

As one of the best voice over IP providers in Eatontown, NJ, R-19 has everything you need to make the transition to either virtual PBX or VoIP. We’ll get your phone connected within minutes, allowing you to take advantage of long-distance, unified communications that will streamline your telephony processes.

Business Phone in Eatontown

Making the switch to VoIP services couldn’t be easier. All you need is a QoS-capable router and an internet connection—R-19 will handle the rest. Switching to a VoIP service offers a range of advantages for businesses, including:

  • Fewer communication costs due to the consolidation of wiring and equipment
  • Higher performance and call quality
  • Productivity gains due to many features that streamline business operations
  • Seamless communication regardless of location

With voice over IP, your employees can use their office number no matter where they are. It simplifies conference calls while saving money on long-distance communication when employees are on the road.

Voice over IP offers many high-end productivity features, such as call queues, call recording, integration with your CRM and CTI systems, interactive voice response, and more. The best thing is that you can scale your features with your business. As your business grows, you can add extra lines, conference rooms, and other necessary features while only paying for the features you use.

Voice Over IP and IP Phones for Eatontown, NJ, Businesses

R-19 has helped hundreds of Eatontown, NJ businesses make the switch from traditional phone to voice over IP or virtual PBX, saving them money and improving productivity. Call R-19 or contact us online today for more information or to schedule a consultation!

Eatontown, NJ

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