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R-19 NJ Hosted PBX Solutions


R-19 NJ Hosted PBX Solutions

If you are looking to get all of the features of an advanced VoIP phone system without the big investment, R-19 Hosted PBX Solutions is right for you.  We have packages designed to fit companies of any size from a small business with only a few users to large corporations with hundreds of employees.

Key Benefits:

  • R-19 Hosted PBX is a cloud based phone system meaning that there is no actual phone system at your office to maintain or take up space.
  • The phones connect to the “cloud system” over the internet providing significant cost savings and a plethora of new features.
  • In the event of internet or power loss, calls can be routed to a cell phone or group of cell phones through an auto attendant to ensure that your company never misses a phone call.
  • R-19 Hosted PBX is future proof meaning that as technology evolves and new features come out, the system is automatically upgraded to ensure that your company has cutting edge technology.

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