Choosing a Local VoIP Company over a National One

Warranties are great – we all want to make risk-free purchases, and why shouldn’t we?

After all, companies should stand behind their products and fix problems that arise with them. But take just a moment to think of a time you had to return a product under warranty where the experience was less than ideal.

Dealing with “customer service” can often be such a painful, time-consuming process that many guarantees are not worth it in the first place. If you value your time and sanity at all, you will agree that spending more on a product (especially electronics) from company with a good reputation is always a worthwhile investment.

There is always an end to price

The same principle applies to VoIP telephone services – but on a larger scale. There are a myriad of IP phone vendors and it is easiest to only consider vendors with the lowest prices when shopping around. National companies such as Ring Central and Nextiva will offer the same hardware as your local vendor, but these large national companies lack the support of local companies.

There is never an end to value

Is getting a marginally better price really worth the hassle of setting up your new phone system and training your employees to use it by giving everyone an instruction manual?

Save time with a New Jersey VOIP Provider

new jersey voip providerAnother thing to consider is maintenance. Do you really want to spend time on the phone with customer service representatives in India that have no understanding of what problems you’re facing at your office in New Jersey?

Excellent service and usability translates into more time spent on core business activities and less time dealing with the installation and maintenance of your system. This is why choosing a local, New Jersey-based VoIP phone system provider is a smart move to eliminate time lost installing and maintaining a VoIP phone system in your office.

R-19 will not only send out a technician to install a state-of-the-art VoIP phone system for your company, but we will conduct a brief training seminar for your staff to ensure that minimal time is lost in upgrading your phone system. We also provide ongoing support for any problems that may arise in the future and will send a technician out to fix any problems that may arise.

If customer service has ever been an issue for you with past business services, we invite you to contact R-19 today for a free consultation on VoIP phone systems to find out if our product and service offerings are right for your business!




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