How to Prepare Your Office for a VoIP System

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Many offices switching to a VoIP phone system do not have the infrastructure in place to support IP phones. VoIP phones require a Cat 5 Data jack to plug into to access the cloud system as opposed to a traditional phone jack that digital phones use. Most office stations have a computer that is hardwired to the network allowing you to share the one data jack for both the phone and computer.

The VoIP phones R-19 provides have 2 ports on the back to act as a switch to provide internet to both the phone and computer. Office locations that typically do not have data jacks available are conference rooms and kitchens.

If you are looking to get all of the features of an advanced VoIP phone system without the big investment, R-19 Hosted PBX Solutions is right for you.  We have packages designed to fit companies of any size, from a small business with only a few users to large corporations with hundreds of employees.

Make Sure You Have a Reliable Internet Connection

  • With a VoIP phone system, the phone provider is only as good as your internet connection.  If you are in an area where your internet goes down all of the time, a VoIP phone system is not a good solution for you.
  • VOIP system solutions require a business grade internet connection.  DSL and other dial up services will not work.
  • Make sure that you are getting all of the bandwidth that you are paying for.

Keep the following in mind when choosing a router:

  • Choosing a router that has Quality of Service (QOS) capability to prioritize VoIP Traffic is important.
  • Have your IT guy make sure that there are no firewall settings that could be blocking VoIP traffic.
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