Work From Home With VoIP

Work From Home Made Easy With VoIP

Do you or your employees work from home?NJ VOIP Business Phone Systems Almost one in five Americans are now working from home. A number that is guaranteed to keep rising. With the increase of new technology comes the rise of VoIP phone systems to help keep companies functioning seamlessly.

Taking your work phone home in the past was utterly impossible with an abundance of wires and dated technology. Now, phones are plug and play making your work at home life much easier.

The simplest way to work from home but keep all of your office capabilities is to take your desk phone home with you. This easy process of plugging your work phone into your home router will allow you to function as if you never left the office.  Make and receive calls, belong to the same ring groups, transfer and park calls at the convenience of your house with all the same office capabilities. Customers will never know you aren’t sitting at your desk.

About VoIP Phone Systems

If taking your desk phone home is not a possibility, VoIP phone systems allow another convenient feature, the Softphone. The Softphone is a phone application you download onto your computer or smart device. This acts as phone interface which allows you to make calls, receive calls and transfer using your mouse or smartphone. The most important feature a Softphone offers is the ability to display your companies’ caller ID even when using your personal cellphone. This technology gives flexibility for employees on the move while maintaining professionalism.

Both VoIP desk phones and softphones allow companies to offer their employees a flexible work environment. This technology saves time and money while gaining productivity. These options give employees the possibility of having full office capabilities from home or keeping professionalism on the go.

Let R19 show you many possibilities available to have your company function productively with work from home employees and learn more about our VoIP and hosted PBX services.

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